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Serving the Alabama Gulf Coast

Installing Foundation Pilings for Buildings in the Coastal Areas Around Foley

Your foundation is everything. If you own a marina, boat owners trust that your custom piers won’t wash away in the wind and waves. For those who own homes in Foley and southern Alabama, the presence of groundwater and poor soils can cause engineers to specify piling installation. Edgewater Marine Construction, Inc. has decades of experience in setting framework for heavy structures such as bridges and tall buildings. In cases for which clients asked us to inspect highly deteriorated foundations, we’ve carried out piling replacement in place.
Foundation piling installation, inspection and repair are key for safety. A good subgrade can also provide additional stability to minimize the effects of earthquakes and heavy wind loads. If you aren’t sure if wood, concrete or composite is right for your application, talk to us or hire a consultant. Another important consideration is the soil analysis to determine the depth of foundation you need to support the construction above. Your goal is to create an underground scenario that resembles bedrock, and depending on how loose the surrounding soils are that can be a ways down.
Homes in areas subject to flooding or tidal surges can be propped up via a column system. Residents typically use the first floor area vacancy for a carport and storage. Thanks to this setup, even high waters won’t damage your home’s furniture and fabrics.
Stabilizing Residential and Commercial Structures in Fairhope and Gulf Shores
We take foundations very seriously. Whether you need foundation piling installation for your home or business, you can trust us to take care of your property as if it was our own. Our operations are in Foley, but we additionally work in Orange Beach, Daphne, Spanish Fort, Mobile, Fairhope, Gulf Shores and Dauphin Island. Give us a call for more information or a free site visit at 251-988-8822.